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Junicorn 1-5
The first five days of Junicorn. I'll be uploading the rest in batches of five too.

If you want to see the daily uploads instead of batches, you can check out my twitter…
Mermay #31
Finished! Thank you so much for sticking with me.

I'm sad to see this end, so I'll be doing Junicorn from now on with a slight change. Dailies will be uploaded to my twitter and instagram only. I'll upload everywhere else in batches of five or so.
WToA | Renora Coin by MCElementStone

    Renora crouched low to the forest floor. Currently, she was hunting deer again, even though she knew just one deer wouldn't be enough for the pack; she needed to let out some steam and there was no way she was going after a saber or mammoth on her own. She slowly exhaled, letting her body slowly move forward so the deer wouldn't know what is coming. Once close enough, she let out a growl and leaped at the deer; startled, it darted away. Renora snarled, she was not going to let this one get away-so she chased the deer.
She tried catching up several times but it lashed it's back legs out-nearly hitting her as she attempted to leap onto it. She was well aware of how far she was going and she didn't care. She would get this prey. So she ran a little faster and leaped onto it's hind and bit down, attempting to use her weight to slow it down a bit. She was kicked off and she tumbled to the ground. Snarling, she got back up and ran after it again.

Bellamy RP Tracker Coin by StormWhiskers

    Bellamy was excited. As a guard, she didn't often leave her assigned trails to hunt. But it was good to keep her skills up and to be familiar with the neutral areas close by. She hadn't spotted anything just yet, but was hoping for something larger than a rabbit or hare if she could find it. A deer would be a welcome challenge, and she'd have something to bring back to the pack to share as well. Her large ears flicked back and forth, tracking the sounds of songbirds flitting from branch to branch above her. Nothing yet... there! That crash was far too large to be small game. It sounded panicked though. She'd have to be careful in case there was a saber in the area. Stretching out her legs for a moment, she raced towards the sound.

WToA | Renora Coin by MCElementStone

    Renora snarled again and ran up beside the deer's legs and slammed into it's legs, making it loose it's balance and topple over. Renora quickly ran over to the head-away from the legs and bit down on it's neck. Unluckily it wiggled around too much and rolled over and kicked her, making the female wince and let go; giving it enough time to make a break for it. Renora growled in irritation as she attempted to run after it but stopped as a scent hit her-another wolf.

Bellamy RP Tracker Coin by StormWhiskers
    Bellamy froze as a deer flew past her, crashing blindly through the forest in its fear. She slunk back a little to hide in the undergrowth and assess the situation. It was obvious that something or someone else was already hunting this prey. There was a snarl, and suddenly a brown she wolf barreled past Bellamy's hiding place and slammed into the legs of the deer. She got close to bringing it down completely before being kicked off. Bellamy winced in sympathy, a kick to the ribs was never fun. She didn't recognize the wolf, but this was neutral territory so it was expected that members of other tribes would hunt here too. As the other wolf stilled and sniffed the air, Bellamy froze. It looked like the stranger had figured out she was there. Bellamy stood slowly and walked forward. She intentionally kept her body language relaxed and swished her tail slightly in a friendly greeting. Hopefully she hadn't upset the other too much by interrupting her hunt.

    Renora swore and prowled forward, her teeth barring as she looked around her surroundings and caught sight of the white wolf. Renora took a threatening step forward and she growled as her fur bristled and her hackles rose. She showed an aggressive stance as she lowered her head defensively. "Who are you?" She snapped, her teeth were showing to their full extent. Her ears flicked towards her back in protection and to show she will attack.

    Bellamy took a single step back before planting her feet. Her stance wasn't aggressive, she wasn't looking for a fight here but she wasn't a coward either. If the other wolf attacked, Bellamy wanted to be clear that she would and could defend herself despite her small size. "I'm Bellamy, from Nawayee. I was hunting in the neutral zone, just like you." Here, she nodded slightly at the snarling wolf. "Sorry about your deer by the way. What's your name?"

    Renora narrowed her eyes but didn't let down her guard as she introduced herself. She stared at the female suspiciously as she answered. "Renora." She growled, her tail lashing from side to side behind her. She took another step forward, but slightly more relaxed this time. "I'm guessing you're new to the valley?" she asked, one of her ears lifting slightly.

    "Hi Renora!" Bellamy relaxed her pose a little but stayed where she was, there was still a chance that this could turn nasty and she wanted to be prepared. "Sort of, I was born in Nawayee, but I've only recently become a guard and been allowed to patrol and leave the pack land." She smiled a bit and flicked her tail slightly in excitement, talking about adventuring and patrols always made Bellamy happy. "How about you? Have you lived here long?"

    Renora frowned slightly at the female's positivity despite the situation, she allowed herself to relax slightly as the female spoke. "Oh. That must be... Exciting?" She asked, her tail moving form side to side, dangerously. "I've been in this valley for almost a month now." She grumbled, her fur started to lower but everything else stayed the same as she watched the female for any sudden moves. Renora lifted her head to show she wasn't as aggressive but she was still prepared to fight.

    "Oh, it is! I love patrolling so much, or really just moving through the forest in general." Bellamy relaxed her jaw into a slight smile. "It's so nice in the valley, not that I've ever been anywhere else. Do you enjoy it here?" Bellamy started bouncing on her toes a little. Renora was seeming less aggressive by the second and to Bellamy, that meant that she could move again, she hated staying still. This was a relief, Renora was obviously a more experienced fighter than Bellamy, and fights weren't enjoyable anyway. It was so much better to learn new things and make friends.

    Renora frowned and her ears flicked back once more as she listened to the female talk. "I don't patrol so i don't know if it's enjoyable or not. I would rather hunting i guess though." She muttered, seemingly overwhelmed by the chattering by the female. "And yes i do enjoy it here." She murmured, her body tensing as she looked to the side slightly sadly before turning back to her aggressive state.

    "Oh, you're a hunter? That must be fun. I feel really bad about causing you to lose the deer now though since you were probably hunting for your pack. If you want, I can help you get another one. I was just looking for lunch so you can have the deer and I'll catch a rabbit or a bird later. And maybe you can tell me a little more about the valley? That is, if you want to." Bellamy had noticed that her chatter was being slightly off putting, but it was so hard to stop. Her voice, like her feet just wanted to go all the time and Renora was a new wolf to talk to! She tilted her head slightly and shifted eagerly from paw to paw. If Renora liked hunting then that might make her more comfortable, and it would give Bellamy the chance to run some more.

    Renora raised a brow at the female and shook her head. "No. I'll be fine. I can get more prey at another time." she sighed, she was regretting not attacking this female. "I can tell you about the valley, what do you want to know about it?" She asked, slowly sitting down as she knew this might take a while. She noticed the way the female jumped from paw to paw anxiously-as if she wanted to run or do something. Renora sighed and got up again. "Well, you can ask me on the way, I'm going to try and get that deer again." She stated as she started to trot off, following the scent.

    Bellamy bounced happily after Renora, making sure to not encroach on the other wolf's personal space. "Just the places you've seen I guess. You must have gone to a bunch of different places as a hunter following the prey. Are there any that you really loved?" Renora was obviously following the scent of the deer that had escaped so Bellamy turned her muzzle to the wind as well, taking a little longer to find it than Renora had. It was amazing seeing hunters in their element and Bellamy paid as much attention to her new acquaintance as she did looking around at the forest.

    Renora sighed. "There are lots of places I've been in the valley. She paused for a moment and nodded. "I really do like these caves I often visit with-ummm.... I like the cave system near Zhawan's territory." She murmured, a blush creeping over her face as she thought about it. She shook her head and went back on task, she caught the scent of the prey and followed it. She looked about when the scent was strong and caught sight of it. She lowered herself into a crouch and started getting closer to it.

    Bellamy opened her mouth to ask Renora another question when the other wolf suddenly crouched down. Following Renora's lead Bellamy too, fell into a crouch an looked around until she spotted the deer. It still looked a little mussed from when Renora had attacked it earlier and it was limping slightly. Bellamy caught Renora's eye and tilted her head slightly to signal to the other wolf that she would circle around and cut off the deer's escape route. Keeping low to the ground, Bellamy felt the grass brush against her belly as she crept slowly around the deer. Making sure to be as silent as possible.

    Renora waited until Bellamy got into positioned and then she flicked her ear to signal to attack. Renora snarled and leaped out of the tall grass, managing to jump onto the deer and grabbing hold of it's back. Surprised, it bucked and ran only to stop when it saw the other female. Renora used her weight and pushed the deer off balance so it toppled over, holding it down she shouted. "Kill it!"

    At Renora's shout, Bellamy surged forward towards the deer, aiming straight for the throat. She clamped her jaws and held on grimly as the deer throw its neck around trying to shake off the two wolves and rise. Eventually the struggling weakened and stopped as the deer lost consciousness and lay still. Taking advantage, Bellamy twisted her head and tore at the throat to ensure it was dead. Then she let go and licked the blood away from her mouth before looking up to grin happily at Renora.

    Renora watched as the female made a beeline for the throat, holding it long enough for the deer to still and she ripped it open to ensure it's death. "Good job." she complimented. "You're not bad for a rabbit hunter." She slightly smiled, letting go of the deer. She sat back and stretched, wincing from the wound from before.

    "Thank you!" Said Bellamy, flicking her ears happily at the praise as she grinned, before stilling at Renora's wince. "Are you alright? I saw the deer kick you pretty hard before we met. I don't want to break any treaties by going onto some other tribe's land, but I can help you drag the deer part of the way there so you can share it with your pack members?" Bellamy would be sad to see the other wolf go, but she knew that a fresh kill couldn't be left too long without attracting sabers and Renora would have brought down the deer and taken it back to her pack ages ago if Bellamy hadn't distracted her.

    Renora huffed and nodded at the female. "Yeah, I'm fine." She mumbled. "No need to worry about me, I heal pretty quickly. And it's fine, I'm strong enough to drag that back myself." She shook out her fur and then sat down.

    "If you're sure." Bellamy stretched herself out fully, feeling satisfied with her work. The chase had been short, and she still wanted to run but the feeling wasn't as urgent anymore. Her stomach growled a little and Bellamy's ears fell back against her neck in embarrassment. Right, she'd been hunting for food as well. She'd have to find that rabbit sooner rather than later. "Ah, I guess I'll have to get back to my own hunt now. But thank you for letting me hunt with you Renora. It was so nice to meet you!"

    Renora raised her brow and laughed. "Yeah, you should. It's no problem, you aren't bad compared to some wolves I've met before." She mumbled as she grabbed a hold of the deer and started dragging it away.

    Bellamy nodded happily at Renora before turning in the opposite direction and trotting away into the underbrush. She still had a rabbit to catch.


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