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I've had a couple of queries lately, so here's the info.
* Payment through Paypal in USD
* I will draw human/anthro/animals/taur
*I will draw fanart
* All commissions will come with both flat and transparent background versions
*I will draw different ages and body types, though not massively exaggerated fat/muscle/body parts
* I will draw from written descriptions, though this may incur an additional fee of $5 depending on difficulty

Headshots - $5
Expression sheet (five headshots of the same character) - $20
Expression Sheet - Tia by StormWhiskers
Bust -$10 +$8 per extra character
Full Body - $15 + $10 per extra character
Pose Page (two full bodies, three busts) - $50
Laaaance! by StormWhiskers
Dance [C] by StormWhiskers
Selka Pose Page by StormWhiskers

* You can contact me through

- Type of commission you are ordering
- Your Paypal Email
- References (I will accept written references and/or help you design a character from an idea, though this may incur an additional fee of $5)
- Specifics (Pose, mood, etc)
- Whether you would like to see a WIP sketch or not
- Any other notes you may like to add

*Pay upfront through paypal in USD. I will send you an invoice.

*Once I have received the payment, I will begin your commission.

*If you need/want the commission within a certain time period please discuss this with me. My average turn around time is less than a week.

* I will provide WIPs if you ask

*I will draw human/anthro/feral, different ages, different body types

*Private commissions (where I don't upload your commission) are fine, but you must state that it's private when you contact me.

*The commissioner is able to upload the image to their account on this site or others as long as they credit me.

*I will upload your commission to my account, as well as my accounts on other art sites (unless you ask me not to) I will also provide you with a link where you can download a high resolution version of your commission.

*I will draw both fanart and original characters, or a mix of the two interacting.

*I won’t draw genitalia, but nudity where it is not shown is fine. Take a look through my gallery to get an idea of where my limits are or ask me about them if you're unsure.

*If you’d like something not listed here, please ask about it.
Because why not?

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    Seven years, has it really been that long?

  • What does your username mean?
    Storm, because my name means thunder and I thought it was cool to reference it. Whiskers because it sounded cute and didn't limit me to one animal.

  • Describe yourself in three words.
    nervous, friendly, kind.

  • Are you left or right handed?

  • What was your first deviation?
    Elements by StormWhiskersDone in highschool and photographed instead of scanned. Ugh.

  • What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Cartoony digital art, but I like watercolour fantasy too.

  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Realism, especially with traditional media. I'd love to be able to do that.

  • What was your first favourite?
    <da:thumb id="81628944"/> Danny Phantom, of course.

  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Things with amazing colours and backgrounds.

  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    PascalCampion His pictures always have so much emotion tied to them.

  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    falconess22, She's amazing to talk to and I bet the comics we make could be even better if we worked on them together.

  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Kel-Del Convinced me to get a DA in the first place, and she's always been a great friend.

  • What are your preferred tools to create art?
    A monoprice tablet and a ballpoint pen.

  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Anywhere is good really.

  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    The first time someone made me birthday gift art.

Tagged by Merleee

10 facts about myself

1) I'm currently volunteering two days a week in a Primary School
2) The kids basically only ask me to draw sharks and horses
3) I don't have a driver's license
4) I'm scared of driving
5) I have too many ideas and not enough time to draw them
6) For the first time in a long time I'm happy with my art style
7) I wish I wrote more
8) I love dog training
9) One of my dogs has just graduated the beginner's dog class and is moving up to intermediate
10) I adore the Monster High movies


1) Who's the weirdest person in your family?
Probably my little brother, he's studying to be a financial adviser. ugh.

2) If you could be a shapeshifter, which animal would you be?
Probably a magpie or a seal

3) What would you wish for, when you got 3 wishes?
  1. To be able to learn and retain knowledge and skills quickly and easily.
  2. An end to poverty.
  3. An affordable, safe, and accessible cure to all diseases.

4) What's your favorite book?
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

5) Do you believe in the supernatural?

6) If you could star in an already existing movie, which one would it be?
Mum's the Word

7) What is your biggest pet peeve?
Willful ignorance to other people's suffering

8) Do you believe that there's something after dead?
I guess

9) Eating or sleeping?

10) What's the weirdest thing you did as kid?
I ate a worm because the Bush Tucker Man on TV did. It tasted utterly disgusting.

My Questions
1) Do you have/want a career outside of art?
2) What is your dream pet?
3) Horror Movies or Romance?
4) What is your favourite thing to cook?
5) Do you want a big fence or one to talk to your neighbors over?

I'm only going to write 5 questions because I won't tag anyone. If you feel like doing this, go ahead.
It's pretty fun.
Thank you everyone for the advice! I tried to follow all of it, though I couldn't find any pencils other than an HB - so that's the thing to change next week.

I also learned that :iconkel-del: has me so well trained that I caught myself giving her a silent apology every time I erased something (which wasn't often! I promise!)

If you want to see what I drew, you can check it out on my study account here: Life Drawing 1 by Cerinthe
I'm going to my first Life Drawing session/group tonight.

What should I bring? Does anyone have any tips/ advice?
I got tagged by :iconfalconess22:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
4. Choose 10 people and put their icon in your journal. 
5. No tag-backs.

10 Facts about Me
1. I'm currently in the process of adopting a dog
2. I have a Bachelors Degree in Speech Pathology
3. When I graduated and we threw our caps in the air, one of them hit me on the chin. I had a bruise for a week
4. My feet are so tiny that I have to buy kids sizes.
5. Because of the above fact, my joggers have Cookie Monster on them
6. I love the look of long hair but hate it on me.
7. I lost my drawing stylus for four days and found it in the dirty clothes hamper
8. I'm very interested in animal behavior
9. If I don't set an alarm, I'll wake up at 11am
10. I don't like the fact that I keep switching styles, I want to find one or two that I like and stick with them.

My Questions:
1. Favorite movie?
Guardians of the Galaxy
3. What's your favorite/worst thing about Deviantart?
Favourite: Lots of lovely people and opportunities to collaborate and improve
Worst: People who note me asking me to draw their fetishes. Seriously guys, I have a Furaffinity account and a Tumblr and no one pulls that sort f thing over there.
4. Have any pets?
Two cats, lots of fish, and hopefully a dog soon.
5. How old are you?
6. Favorite TV show?
7. What's your favorite thing to draw or write about?
Animals and superheroes
8. What's your middle name?
Emm - not Emma or Emily, just Emm
9. Pet peeve?
People chewing with their mouth open
10. What's your greatest accomplishment?

Getting my University degree

I'm not going to tag anyone, because I'm not really on DA often enough to talk to a lot of people.

No, I’m not going anywhere. I just figured people might like to know the other sites that I post on.


Furaffinity (SFW):…

My art Tumblr:

(I have a main blog too but that’s mostly comic book reblogs)


I’m most active on DA and FA but I check the others at least once a week. There isn’t much difference between the sites except that I tend to only post trades/requests/gifts to the site the user contacted me on unless I’ve been given specific permission or it’s fan art.

...I love alliteration

So this Saturday I'm going to be at Supanova. I'll be cosplaying as Bilbo Baggins and I'll be wearing glasses (because I'm too chicken for contacts :P) If you're going to be there come and say hi!
Okie dokie guys, it's my last year of my degree so I won't be quite so active on here.

Requests are now closed and I'm working through the requests that I owe everyone. So if you're waiting I'll try to get it done ASAP!
So in light of a couple of things that have come up, I'm going to stop taking requests soon.

If you would like a request from me (even if you have gotten one, or more than one before) you can still get one now. Anyone is welcome to have a request as long as you follow my long standing rules:
-ONE PICTURE EACH (comics count as multiple pictures)
-they will be digital unless you specifically ask for traditional art
-animals, anthros and humans are all allowed
-no more than three characters per picture (and I would honestly prefer either one or two)
-if you have a particular setting/colour scheme/pose you want them in I'll try to accommodate you
-keep it g-rated
-no transformation pics
-if it makes me uncomfortable I'll ask you to change it
with the addition of a new rule:
- if you get pushy or rude I'm going to say no and you will not get a second chance

I'll keep this journal up for two weeks and anyone who comments here or notes me in that time can have a request, as long as you comment within the two weeks. After that I will remove the journal and requests will be closed.

Art trades will still be open, critiques will still be welcome and I will eventually open commissions.
Since holidays have started I think it's time to make good on a promise that I made a couple of people earlier in the year.

So this is for all of the people who have already gotten a request from me in the past - you can request again.
All of the past rules still apply and again, it's only (another) one per person because otherwise I'd be a little swamped.

(I might take a little while to reply to messages as well guys, the internet is being a bit finicky.)
So I'm sure you've all probably noticed the kind of dramatic shift in my art style recently and in reference to the previous journal with my request rules I thought I'd better explain because it seems to be causing a little bit of confusion.

The lineless looking art is my previous style - I stopped drawing like that because it was starting to frustrate me; I couldn't really push it as much as I wanted to and I wasn't really happy with my art in general. So I decided to play around one day and draw differently and the result is the newer art I've been uploading which I'm much happier with.

So now that that's out of the way

REQUEST RULES (New and Improved!(Again))
-I don't do fetishy/sexual stuff
-All requests will be digital unless you specifically ask for traditional
-If you want a specific pose/scene/etc let me know - I'll try to do it
-I'm okay with you giving me examples of other things I've drawn to show what you'd like the picture to be similar to
- Things might take me a while to finish - I'm a full time student and that comes first
-One per person
-If you've already requested me and want to request a gift for someone else I may accept it - these will be reviewed on a case by case basis

I think that's about everything I needed to clear up :P

Trades are also open and I'm always happy to get critiques. :)
Okay guys, here are my guidelines all in one place so I don't lose them.

Requests and trades are OPEN

I do both digital and traditional art so specify what you would like. Please state whether you would prefer the art to be toony or if you would prefer it to be closer to realistic (and I do use this term very loosely - what it means in this case is 'not as cartoonish') If you would like a specific background/scene/pose/colour scheme I will try to do that for you but I am doing requests to improve so some things may be beyond my current skill level. That isn't to say I won't try, but I may end up scrapping the result and giving you something simpler in the long run - I will let you know if this happens.

A couple of people have given me examples from my own gallery to show what they would like and I'm perfectly okay with that, just be warned that they might not turn out to be as similar to the original pieces as you would like because I'm constantly trying to improve and do change things that I do because of that.

I'm not comfortable drawing things with fetishistic or sexual implications, if I feel uncomfortable with what you are asking me for I will let you know and you are free to change what you would like drawn or go somewhere else (I'm doing this for free guys, that means I'm not obligated to draw what you want and ignore my own comfort levels.)

Art is also just a hobby for me. I'm currently a full-time student at university, in my third year of an allied health degree and sometimes life gets in the way. If this happens I will let you know and give you a tentative time frame of when I will be less bogged-down with work.

Since I'm doing this to improve I'm also happy if you would like to leave me a critique :)
So Just because my page seems to be getting a lot more traffic recently I thought I'd put all this information in one easy to see place.


I generally draw superheroes, fantasy and animals.

Requests and trades are open, if you're unsure if I do something please ask (yes I do take ACEO trades.) :D
:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen:

I'm currently at university studying something that has nothing to do with art and it comes first, if I think something's going to take a bit of time I will let you know immeadiately but please be aware that I do have other committments.

That said, If you have suggestions about how I can improve my art or see something that you think needs a bit of work, feel free to point it out - I don't bite and critiques are always welcome.

I am also on tumblr, but I don't generally post any art that I don't put here first.

Now that that's over. Have art done by my RL Friends.

Mordin by N7ro EDI by N7ro Ashley Williams by N7ro

:thumb311594579: :thumb310138781: :thumb298680996:
I got tagged by :iconhastalis:

001. Real name? – Bronte
002. Nickname(s)? – Bront, Brontasaurus, Bro-ntay, Etnorb, Lizard
003. Zodiac sign? -  Gemini
004. Male or female? - Female
005. Elementary? - /Primary school,  It was good but I was a bit of a crybaby
006. Middle School? –  / Junior years, Not so good - still a crybaby
007. High School? - /Senior year, Grew a spine, had a great time - enjoying uni
008. Hair color? – Brown
009. Long or short? -Short
010. Loud or Quiet? – Quiet
011. Sweats or Jeans? – Jeans
012. Phone or Camera? –Neither, technology hates me and I'm inclined to hate it right back
013 Health Freak? - Nooooo
014. Drink or Smoke? -  No smoking, drinking happens very rarely and only around friends and places to curl up because my body believes that alcohol=bedtime
016. Eat or Drink? - Fooooooooooood
017. Piercings? - Ears
018. Tattoos? - Probably not but I love the look of some of them
019. Been in an airplane? - Yes!
020. Been in a car accident? - No
021. Been in a fist fight? – No

022. First piercing? - Twelve, I got my ears pierced
023. First best friend? – Mel
025. First award? –academic award
026. First crush? –I can't remember
028. First big vacation? - Went to Moree (hotsprings) then Inverell (Sapphires) then Lightning Ridge (Opals) - It would have been more fun if my arm wasn't in a cast and I could have done more than sit on the edge of the hotsprings and dangle my feet.

029. Last person you talked to? – My neighbour
030. Last person you texted? - Mother
031. Last person you watched a movie with? - :iconkel-del: :iconhastalis: and their housemates.
032. Last food you ate? –  mashed potato
033. Last movie you watched? –  Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron
034. Last song you listened to? –Rain theme- Hans Zimmer
035. Last thing you bought? -  Pokemon cards?
036. Last person you hugged? – Father!

037. Food? – Pasta!
038. Drinks? – Theres a non-alcoholic honey soft drink called sparkling honey that's made specially by a bee farm - I only get it about once every two years because they don't deliver when it's not bulk but it's awesome.
039. Clothing? –Anything with superheroes on it
040. Book? -  The wee free men by Terry Pratchett
041. Music? –  Too Many- depends on the mood I'm in
042. Flower? - Great big Brandy roses - something my grandmother, mother and aunt love
043. Colors? - Browns, blues, blacks and anything that combines well with these
044. Movie? - Homeward bound, most animated DC movies (I don't like their live action ones)
045. Shoes? - In this weather? Ugg boots. Any other time I'd prefer to go barefoot or have something with cartoon characters on them (it helps to have child-sized feet)
046. Subjects? - Biology, Psychology, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (people talking with machines and sign)

047. [ ] kissed in the snow
048. [ ] celebrated Halloween
049. [ ] had your heart broken
050. [ ] went over the minutes on your cell phone
051. [ ] someone questioned your sexual orientation
052. [ ] came out of the closet
053. [ ] gotten pregnant
054. [ ] had an abortion
055. [x] done something you've regretted
056. [ x] broke a promise
057. [X] hid a secret
058. [X] pretended to be happy
059. [X] met someone who changed your life
060. [ ] pretended to be sick
061. [ ] left the country
062. [X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
063. [X] cried over the silliest thing
064. [ ] ran a mile
065. [ ] went to the beach with your best friend
066. [ ] stayed single the whole year
067. Eating? -  Nothing
068. Drinking -  Ginger Tea
069. I'm about to? - Go back to studying - I have a phonology exam tomorrow
070. Listening to? – Hans Zimmer-Rain
071. Plans for today/tomorrow? - Study/Exam, mail :iconduskit: 's trade
072. Waiting for? –The weekend-thats when my holidays start
073. Want kids? - yes
074. Want to get married? - I'd like to, but we'll see how that goes
075. Careers in mind? – Speech Pathologist, author
076. Lips or eyes? - Eyes
077. Shorter or taller? – Taller
078. Romantic or spontaneous? - Romantic
079. Nice stomach or nice arms? – Arms
080. Sensitive or loud? –Well if I'm the sensitive one, loud would probably balance us out
081. Hookup or relationship? - Relationship
082. Troublemaker or hesitant? - I'm not quite sure, I think it's good to have a healthy mix

083. Lost glasses/contacts? – All the time
084. Ran away from home? -  Yes. To my grandparent's house. Which was attached to ours.
085. Held a gun/knife for self defense? – Nope
086. Killed somebody? - No
087. Broken someone's heart? - Probably
088. Been arrested? – No
089. Cried when someone died? - Absolutely

090. Yourself? - Sometimes
091. Miracles? - Generally not big ones, but my family tends to be tinny enough that I won't rule them out.
092. Love at first sight? – No
093. Heaven? - I believe in a happy place
094. Santa Claus? – Of course, he is real
095. Sex on the first date? – Absolutely not
096. Kiss on the first date? –  Depends
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? – No
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? - I'm getting there
099. Do you believe in God? - No
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people and why? –I think Hastalis named them all (at least the ones who are on deviantart regularly). But if anyone wants to have a go it's great for procrastination.
Just getting rid of the last journal entry so instead, look at things the people I know in real life have done recently.
:thumb297934313: :thumb295550464: Forest by Kel-Del Tancho by Kel-Del Leopard Tree by lozzrd Siberian Tiger by lozzrd Shepard by N7ro Cap'n Tight Pants by N7ro
So my good friend :iconkel-del: is selling this wonderful piece of art Lanterns by Kel-Del because she needs money quickly for heat lamp for her gecko.

Here's her journal about it…

Help her out if you can please, and I'm not just saying this because I'm the gecko's designated babysitter when Kel-Del leaves the country.
So I'm back in accomodation at uni and classes start next week.

Requests/art trades/ etc are still open I just needed to get rid of the old journal. If I get swamped with work and can't do something I'll let you know that it might take a little longer but I will still get it done eventually.
Okay guys so uni is finished for the year and I don't really have much to do so I'm taking requests. I won't be online this weekend but after that I'll have heaps of time.